Injection Grouting Packer
Using injection Grouting Packers are employed in places like the subway, tunnel, culvert, activated sludge tank, basement, subterranean passage, and places where there is seepage from concrete cracks or leaks. Utilizing injection packers is compatible with both polyurethane (PU) and epoxy injection grouting.
Grouting Machine
These Grouting Machines may be simply cleaned and are simple to maintain due to their detachability. In order to provide uniform grout delivery and neatly fill even small cracks along the grout injection area, these machines maintain even stable working pressure.
Wall Putty Spray Machine
While applying putty, there are definite benefits to using wall putty spray machines. The physical effort is also reduced, in addition to the overall greater performance. These machines are very simple to clean and maintain.
Grouting Pump
Grouting pumps have several benefits, including low energy consumption, little vibration, little noise, compact size, high efficiency, consistent performance, pressure and flow control, long life, and more. These pumps are made to be simple to use and require little maintenance.

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